DB-3 Drum Blast

The DB-3 is a 3 cu. ft. drum blast machine specifically designed to process small parts found in multiple industries.

DB-3 Drum Blast Features: Unique design eliminates part jamming or part loss as all parts are contained in the drum during the blasting process and carefully dumped after the process to ensure no part loss 5 HP direct drive D-10 blast wheel Automatic AR500 dumping drum Pneumatic controlled vertical door 480 V  /60 Hz / 3 PH Pitless design VFD on drum PLC controlled Digital cycle timer

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Rapid Blast™

Performance driven abrasives for the forging and foundry industry

Introducing the latest technology to improve shot-blasting efficiency and cut blast-cleaning costs.

RAPID BLAST™ FEATURES: Improved surface finish and part cleanliness Designed to reduce abrasive consumption and related costs, such as disposal, by as much as 40% Increased blast-cleaning efficiency, reducing cycle times by as much as 30% Savings in energy, labor, maintenance, wear parts and freight Reduced consumption and waste, benefiting the environment

If today’s prices of steel shot have you looking for alternatives, Rapid Blast™ may be the solution.… Read more >

Sinto Operation Monitor – OpM

The Sinto Smart Foundry Operation Monitor (OpM) is perfect for entry level data collection in the cloud. It can be deployed on the latest technology as well as legacy equipment without ethernet. You can visualize and capture equipment alarm history and operating status by shift or by day.… Read more >


Oxgrit is engineered blasting abrasive products designed to outperform existing abrasives.


Derived from Duramax crude products Non-ferrous products that are higher density than natural glass, aluminum oxide and garnet products Heavier than all other common abrasives with the exception of steel abrasives Longer life than any other abrasive with the exception of cast steel abrasives, grit & shot Magnetic and can be used with magnetic reclamation equipment commonly used in industry Fast cleaning & cutting products, ~30% higher production rate versus garnet media Low-dusting and generate less dust than other abrasives in the industry.… Read more >

Remote Monitoring Center

Service + IIoT “On-shoring of maintenance, quality and production assistance”

The Remote Monitoring Center service is an extension of your maintenance and operations teams. Sinto has a team of experienced foundry professionals who are monitoring customer equipment at the corporate office.… Read more >

Tumble Blast

6BB Tumble Blast Machine

FEATURES: 6 cubic foot, 800 lb. weight capacity Continuous Molded rubber mill belt 15 HP blast wheel, 3600 RPN, direct drive Pneumatic door Air-wash separator Auto-cycle timer control 240/480 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz Abrasion resistance liners Suitable for use with any type of abrasive media Ideal for small batch processing Safety interlocks Proven design… Read more >

Aluminum Cut Wire

APPLICATIONS: Deburring Blasting Blast Cleaning MATERIAL: EN AW-6060 according to DIN EN 573-3 Other materials available upon request MANUFACTURING STANDARDS/APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS: Subject to prior agreement SIZES: 0,5 mm 0,6 mm 0,7 mm 0,8 mm 0,9 mm 1,0 mm 1,1 mm 1,2 mm 1,4 mm 1,6 mm Other sizes on request GRAIN SHAPE: Cylindrical MATERIAL HARDNESS: Approximately 100 HV0,5/1 – 150 HV0,5/1 PACKAGING: PE plastic bags on approx.… Read more >

FDNX Mold Handling Line

Specialized mold handling line to fit the FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine

FDNX MOLD HANDLING LINE FEATURES: Accommodates any 16″ x 20″ flask size pattern Mold rate of 90 molds/hr. without coreset Cost effective solution for jumping into automatic mold handling Mold machine position can move to various positions on the mold line Up to 20 pouring positions 40 second cycle time to match the FNDX mold machine (cycle time without core setting) Secondary cooling belt conveyor option for additional cooling time HMI with Mitsubishi control panel

Check out the FDNX Flaskless Mold Handling Machine.… Read more >

DST-II Digital Automatic Green Sand Properties Measuring Unit

This green sand unit allows the user to take readings of the sand make up at any point in the system; this is largely because the DST-II is a portable green sand testing unit.  Unlike the fixed sand testing systems that are located in one place, the DST-II can be utilized anywhere.… Read more >

Force Torque Sensor

The ZYXer Strain Gauge Type 6 Axis Force Sensor is a Force/Torque sensor that measures all six components of force and torque: Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My and Mz.

FEATURES: Measures movement and visualize measured values High accuracy and high torque Customizable according to your needs Improve productivity by replacing manual work with robots Sensor force capacity from 500 to 900N.… Read more >