X6i-­FDH22R­ 455GR

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An innovative, high speed, automated grinder that dramatically reduces finishing time and labor costs. Barinder’s easy-to-learn programming is designed to be intuitive and allows the operator to teach the machine to automatically perform the same operations that would otherwise be performed manually. The BARINDER® is designed for fast product changeovers. The part holding fixtures are generally changed with simple hand tools in a few minutes.


  • Automatic grinding machine for small to medium size castings
  • Suitable for grinding inside and outside of complex castings
  • Quick change out of fixtures, programs & tools (less than 5 minutes)
  • Simple & easy programming and operation for maximum uptime
  • Rotating main diamond wheel with pivoting small pencil tool
  • Diamond tools save operation costs and dust generation
  • High speed and efficient processing enables productivity and a high finishing quality
  • OPTIONS: Pencil tools available in various configurations

We also provide complete robotic load and unload integration and vision systems that can be applied to the BARINDER® Machine to maximize throughput and minimize labor. For more information, go to: Automatic Barinder Loading & Unloading

Learn more about Sinto’s training program for the BARINDER® and fixture training!


Work Envelope 15.7" dia x 7.8" H
(500 mm dia x 200 mm H)
Max Total Weight (Part + Fixture and other loading materials) 110 lbs (50 kg)
Standard Main Tool (Other options available) Diamond wheel, 14" dia. X 0.47" thick
(355 mm dia x 12 mm thick)
Main Tool Drive Spindle 6 hp (4.5 kw) Max Servo Motor
Auxillary Grinding Spindle 2.95 hp (2.2kw) High-Speed Inverter Drive
Grinding Wheel Tilt Motion 130 degrees
Number of Axes 6
Weight 3,858 lbs. (2000 kg)

Work Examples


BARINDER® Automatic Grinding System:

Vision Based Robotic BARINDER® Load/Unload System:

BARINDER® Grinder Fixture Placement and Removal:

Medium Casting Grinding:

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