Item Number: DFE 4-16 Donaldson Dust Collector

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Item Number: DFE 4-16 (Standard Configuration)


  • Hopper- Standard
  • Legs- Standard
  • Elements- Ultra-web FR (Qty 16) P034303-016-436 180 F temperature limit
  • Inlets/Outlets- Standard (17-24 inch diameter) – size 20″
  • Type- Easy duct rolled edge
  • Solenoid enclosure- NEMA 4
  • Control box- Electrical control panel
  • Hopper outlet pack- drum cover with gate with latches
  • New York Blower- Floor Mount Fan with standard configurations
    • New York blower backward inclined class IV SWSI size 24 ACF ARR- 4 CW, Integral TE 50 HP 3600 RPM 3-60-230/460 providing 12,500 CFM, 15 in wg, 180 F
    • Damper
    • Outlet Silencer, round outlet silencer, 36″, 83 dBA @ 5 ft.
    • Collector to Blower Transition Duct
  • Control Panel- standard configuration
    • Motor starter panel with delta p plus cleaning controls
      • IEC through-the-door disconnect switch, manual motor protector with magnetic contactor, control power transformer with 100 VA extra capacity, Delta P Plus controls, one set of start-stop push buttons and one pilot light per motor in panel door, all fuses and terminal blocks as required, all components prewired and mounted in a Type 12 electrical enclosure with ASA-61 gray enamel exterior finish
  • Additional Options for DFE 4-16:
    • Approval drawings- 2 week lead time
    • Explosion vent- explosion vent standard configuration
    • Fire track CO2 micro environmental protection
    • System installation at SST, standard configuration
    • Accessories- sprinkler pack asy wet system, standard configuration
    • 55 gallon drum, skid and painted uni-strut for panel install, stand configuration


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