Spinner Hanger System: DZB

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Item Number: BLAST-0050-00 / RS3677

Versatile, aluminum diecast spinner hanger designed for cleaning any parts that cannot be damaged by typical tumbling blast applications. The DZB produces superior processing for aluminum die-casting parts.


  • Variable speed blast wheels
  • Zero part impingement
  • Designed to safely use zinc abrasive lowering the risk of explosions
  • Explosion prevention design
  • Compact size with integrated dust collector
  • Easy installation due to small footprint
  • Indexing table allows operator to easily load/unload
  • Robotic load/unload optional


  • Machine has been in Sinto America’s Surface Treatment Test Center to use to test parts for customers


  • Condition:  Used – In operating condition. Inspection and all needed mechanical repairs performed
  • Year of Manufacture: December 2014


  • 6-8 weeks from order



Machine DescriptionDZB-2MT
Blasting area
"Ø 16"" x 24"" H /jig (Max)
Ø 400mm x 600mm H /jig (Max)"
Weight of work piece (including jig)
"44 lbs/jig (Max)
20 kg/jig (Max)"
Motor capacity
"7.5 hp (2 units)
5.5kW x 4P (2 units)"
Size of workpiece
"Dia. 6"" x 8"" L(Max)
Dia. 150 x L 200 (Max)"
Number of hangers
Cartridge filter


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