FCMX Flaskless Molding Machine

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The FCMX Flaskless Molding Machine is designed as a multi-station molding machine. This multi-station design allows an operator 9 seconds to set cores during the molding cycle. This is all performed during a molding cycle.  The FCMX utilizes the Aeration Sand Filling Technology to provide uniform filling even with higher profile patterns. The centered guide rods design for the flask allows for the cope and drag to have continuous alignment during the molding operation. This robust configuration eliminates the use of pins and bushing for flask alignment. This high speed molding line is designed to provide an efficient cost option for green sand molding.


  • High speed with two or four station designs
  • Mold rate of 200 molds/hour with 9 seconds core setting
  • Excellent mold strength and accuracy with aeration sand filling
  • Center supporting mechanism with double guides for precise pattern draw and mold closing
  • Mold height feedback control reduces the sand consumption and compensates for compacting variations



Specifications Model
Mold Size Width x Length
16" X 20"
(406 mm x 508 mm)
20" x 24"
(508 mm x 609.6 mm)
20" x 26"
(508 mm x 660.4 mm) 20" x 28"
(508 mm x 711.2 mm)
Height Cope
5" - 8"
(130 mm-200 mm)
7" - 10"
(180 mm-250 mm)
Drag 5" - 8"
(130 mm-200 mm)
7" - 10"
(180 mm-250 mm)
Average Maximum Molding Rate (Includes 9 seconds of core setting)200 molds/hour
(18 seconds/mold)
171 molds/hour
(21 seconds/mold)
Molding System Aeration Sand Filling + Squeeze


  • – Automatic Pattern Changer
  • – Pattern Plate Preheater
  • – Pattern Changing Area Safety Light Curtain
  •  Molding Analysis Monitor
  • – Sinto Foundry Analytics
  • – Core Setter
  • – Receiver Tank

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