Auto Pouring Systems: P-Series

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The P-Series is a fully automatic pouring system for precise and accurate metal pouring ideal for medium to large ladles with a capacity up to 5 tons.


  • Pouring conditions are monitored by using optical sensors and cameras that regulate the pouring speed to match the in-flow capacity to eliminate overflow and control metal level in sprue cup
  • Highly efficient programmable pouring utilizes precise servo drives for fast, sensitive control of pouring angles
  • Linear rack and pinion drive for cycle time optimization
  • Rotary ladle changing unit for shorter ladle change out times
  • Automatic ladle lid lifting device to to minimize alloy temperature drop in ladle
  • In-stream inoculation


Specifications Model
P10-S(W)P20-S(W) P30-S(W) P-50S(W)
Ladle Capacity
1,650 - 3,300 lbs.
(750 - 1,500 kg)
3,300 - 5,500 lbs.
(1,500 - 2,500 kg)
5,500 - 7,700 lbs.
(2,500 - 3,500 kg)
7,700 - 11,000 lbs.
(3,500 - 5,000 kg)
Molding Speed 18 seconds/mold30 seconds/mold40 seconds/mold60 seconds/mold
Weight Control Load Cells
Pouring Time (one machine) 5-20 seconds5-20 seconds5-48 seconds5-52 seconds
Pouring Speed 7-26 lbs./second
(3-12 kg/second)
18-33 lbs./second
(8-15 kg/second)
22-55 lbs./second
(10-25 kg/second)
15-66 lbs./second
(15-30 kg/second)
Driving Units Servo Drives
Functions Pouring control by means of sensor and camera system, weight measurement and pouring time


  • – Mobile revolving ladle changeover
  • – Ladle lid lifting unit
  • – Rail extension, inoculation unit
  • – Encoder to synchronize with pouring line pusher


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