Speedflow Continuous Mixer

The Speedflow Mixer makes continuous processing practical for materials that could not be adequately mixed by continuous mixers  The Speedflow can thoroughly blend materials of various densities and can handle a wide range of consistencies.


  • Variable speed provides the versatility to mix wide variety of products
  • Replaceable, specially hardened mixing blades provide optimum mixing
  • Provides efficient mixing as material is divided, lifted and transferred back and forth between the counter rotating blades
  • Can mix fragile materials with little or no degradation of material
  • Dry material flow rates are controlled bye volume and/or weight
  • Speedflow system includes storage, deliver, feeding and metering packages for liquid and dry materials


Model HP Range Capacity*
14S 15-30 1200-2200

21S25-50 3000-7000

*Rates will vary according to liquid additions and material characteristics

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