Enter the future of manufacturing with Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0 revolution has brought with it data collection and real-time analysis. Sinto America offers two products for Industry 4.0 Analytics platform: enVision Process Visibility System (ePVS) and Remote Monitoring Systems. Sinto Foundry analytics allows operators, maintenance personnel and management to digitize and visualize machine performance. This allows for optimization of processes by focusing on areas that show changes in performance based on real-time data.

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enVision Process Visibility System

Digitize and optimize your system by visualizing every device, motion and event to generate clear ACTIONABLE solutions for optium productivity and efficiency.

Remote Monitoring Center

Sinto Smart Foundry® - Remote Monitoring Center

Remote Monitoring Sensors

Monitor your facility with Sinto’s completely wireless vibration and ambient temperature sensors

Sinto Operation Monitor® – OpM