SINTO AMERICA and PULSTEC USA Join Forces for Zero Defects

September 18-

We are thrilled to announce a significant collaboration between SINTO AMERICA and PULSTEC USA, building upon their Japanese parent companies’ successful alliance that has been existing for many years. This exciting collaboration is driven by a shared vision of achieving “zero defects” by verifying surface residual stress characteristics through X-ray diffraction testing technologies (Sinto – Sightia ™ / Pulstec – μ-X360).

sinto and pulstec

Shot Peening Applications: SINTO AMERICA is offering comprehensive solutions from shot peening and inspection services through its National Peening and Technical Metal Finishing companies as well as shot peening and inline testing equipment (Sightia ™) through its Roberts Sinto Corporation. The combined knowledge at SINTO AMERICA ensures that every aspect of the peening process can be optimized for quality and performance.

Collaboration: This collaboration between SINTO AMERICA and PULSTEC USA combines expertise from different angles of industry and research for the benefit of both companies’ customers. SINTO AMERICA’s Sightia ™ test equipment series and Pulstec’s portable μ-X360 X-ray Residual Stress analyzer as well as both companies’ resources will now be made available to a broader market, demonstrating our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions to our customers.

Zero Defects Focus: The key focus of this collaboration is to bring about numerous benefits to our customers, including higher product quality (“zero defects”) and enhanced efficiency through a broad range of exceptional products and services. Our innovative eco-products and services also support our valued customers in their pursuits of achieving environmental Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Stay tuned for more updates on this partnership between SINTO AMERICA and PULSTEC USA as we strive to set new industry standards in quality and excellence.

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