Sinto America Delivers a Y Track Spinner Hanger Blasting Machine

Grand Ledge, MI July 23, 2019-

Continuing their manufacturing excellence, Sinto America recently manufactured and shipped a KSB Y Track Spinner Hanger for NPK Construction Equipment. NPK is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic attachments, pedestal booms, & more in construction & demolition industries. See Sinto’s KSB Spinner Hangers:

“The Y-Track increases your productivity by allowing you to load and unload a part while processing another simultaneously. Sinto’s engineering team has designed the system to have a PLC control feature which allows you to store up to 99 processing recipes, making the system easy to learn and operate. ” –Todd Breault, VP of Surface Treatment

KSB Spinner Hanger Shot Blast Machine

The system was delivered to NPK and installed in May 2019. Sinto’s spinner hangers can easily handle a multitude of part sizes and heavy parts, products up to 5 ton can be processed. For more information, visit

We have long strived to be the leader in the design and manufacture for all surface treatment, metal finishing and shot blasting applications. From standard to custom, simple or complex, or a single piece of equipment to a full system, that’s the Sinto difference. Your one stop solution.