Sinto Manufactures Three Robotic Peening Machines

Grand Ledge, MI 2/4/2020

Sinto America is now offering a robotic peening machine based on a 6-axis robot, manipulating a pressure-blast shot peening system. The machine includes a 24” diameter rotary indexing table which can be controlled as a 7th axis of robotic motion.  This system minimizes floor space utilization and provides ergonomically accessible wear components.

“We are excited to introduce this flexible system that is truly best in class.  This machine is not only capable efficiently peening simple parts, but is flexible enough to perform precision shot peening operations on advanced aerospace components. The machine features offline robot programming, which gives the ability to program new part peening cycle’s offline. A key feature for maximizing OEE, productivity and profitability.” –Joseph Schornack, Engineering Manager.

Front ISO View Door Open-Jan 2020

Front View Door Open

Front ISO View Door Closed-Jan 2020

Front View Door Closed

Back View-Jan 2020

Back View

Robot Side ISO-Jan 2020

Robot Side ISO

Front View Door Open-Jan 2020

Front View Door Open

Front View Door Closed

The features include:

  • Robot weight capacity: 40lbs
  • Inside cabinet size: 85” height, 65-1/2” depth, 98-1/2” width
  • Overall footprint: 18’-3” height of reclaim system, 10’ depth, 11’ width
  • Turntable maximum weight capacity: 1000 lbs.
  • Max part size: 48” diameter and 48” height.
  • Inner walls lined with ¼” Neoprene rubber to prevent abrasive wear.
  • Turntable indexed with a cylinder that allows for ergonomic loading and unloading of parts.
  • Complete programmable robot and turntable synchronization.
  • Parallel duel pressure pot peening system for duel media storage.
  • Continuous uninterrupted peening with duel upper and lower pressure pot system.
  • Vacuum media reclaim system.
  • Improved features for ease of maintenance and servicing.
  • Front loading door with rear maintenance access door with viewing windows.
  • Optional offline part path programming.

This new compact machine design enables inexpensive transportation as well as fast installation and start up at the customer’s facility. Visit our website at to learn more about the robotic peening machines.

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