Why Switch from Hydraulic Cylinders to Electric Cylinders?

Unlike hydraulic cylinders, electric cylinders can operate without hydraulic units or piping, eliminating the risk of oil leaks while conserving energy and space for all-around cost reductions. They also offer more precise load control, naturally resulting in better quality and fewer defects and also helping to streamline inspection processes.

If you are looking for less temperature sensitivity, easy piping and wiring, reduced maintenance costs, reduced power consumption and CO2 emissions and noise reduction- switching from hydraulic to electric is the solution.

electric cylinders

Benefits of Switching to Electric Cylinders

Why should you switch from hydraulic to electric?

Less temperature sensitivity 

electric cylinders provider Less temperature sensitivity

  • BEFORE: Operation becomes unstable in cold weather, leading to more defects
  • AFTER: Everything works exactly as programmed, regardless of temperature at startup, at night or during the colder months

Easy piping and wiring

no piping and wiring with electric cylinders

  • BEFORE: Trying to reduce space but have nowhere to put the hydraulic unit
  • AFTER: No need for a hydraulic unit or complicated piping and wiring





Cut annual maintenance costs by 67%

cut annual maintenance costs by 67% with electric cylinders

  • BEFORE: Have to perform a lot of maintenance to make sure there are no oil leaks
  • AFTER: Electric cylinders do not need oil, so no need for oil changes or oil pump replacement

reduce maintenance cost with electric cylinders

Reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by 70%

Reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by 70% with electric cylinders

  • BEFORE: The motor’s constantly running and eating up electricity
  • AFTER: Electric cylinders only run when moving, saving electricity

reduce Co2 emissions with electric cylinders

Reduce noise (dB) by 20%

reduce noise by 20% with electric cylinders

  • BEFORE: The noise and oil smell make this equipment unpleasant to work around
  • AFTER: Electric Cylinders keep everything quiet and clean