The X7i-­CDH22R­-455MR-C Model Barinder is ideal solution for small to medium size aluminum castings. With the compact design and easy to program and learn, one operator can perform multiple machines. The high speed and efficient processing with quick part change over enables productivity and a higher finishing quality of product.… Read more >


The X6i-­CDH22R­-455MR Model Barinder automatic cutting machine, is an ideal solution for small to medium size aluminum castings. The Barinder is easy to learn, program, and is high speed with quick part change over enabling productivity and higher finishing quality at a faster rate.… Read more >

X6i-­FDH22R­ 455GR

An innovative, high speed, automated grinder that dramatically reduces finishing time and labor costs. Barinder’s easy-to-learn programming is designed to be intuitive and allows the operator to teach the machine to automatically perform the same operations that would otherwise be performed manually.… Read more >