DST-II Digital Automatic Green Sand Properties Measuring Unit

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This green sand unit allows the user to take readings of the sand make up at any point in the system; this is largely because the DST-II is a portable green sand testing unit.  Unlike the fixed sand testing systems that are located in one place, the DST-II can be utilized anywhere.


  • Self-Calibration function
  • Repeatable accurate readings
  • Can be interfaced with the muller controls to adjust for variability between muller and molding machine
  • A load cell is used to is used to conform test sample height which eliminates variance introduced by manually sampling, resulting in highly accurate results
  • Measurement data can be exported via USB allowing for easy data transfer for your quality database.
  • 20,000 pieces of data can be stored in the DST-II
  • Data can be exported via USB to PC as excel spreadsheet


  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Compactability
  • G.C.S.
  • Permeability

Place the DST-II beside mixers, beside molding machine or in the sand laboratory!

Various Display Modes:

digital and automatic green sand testing unit digital and automatic green sand testing unit digital and automatic green sand testing unit








View the In-Line Digital Sand Testing Unit! The In-Line DST has the same function of the DST-II. Automatic sampling from the sand feeder to the molding machine enables real time data acquisition and monitoring!


0 ~ 50°C
Moisture2.5 ~ 4.5%
Compactability0 ~ 55 %
Green Compressive Strength
5 ~ 30 N/cm2
Permeability31 ~ 400

Advantages of the DST-II

  • Substitutes multiple sand testers in laboratory
  • Easy Operation
  • Reduces time for quality sand control
  • Increase frequency of measurement contributing to more precious control of sand properties
  • Save labor time for measurement
  • Automatic data collection


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