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Models SCB-9/10 Shell Core Machines are designed for fast, continuous production runs – the ultimate for delivering precise, uniform, shell cores consistently in large or small quantities with the least amount of physical or mechanical interruption.

Versatile production of large or small cores. Up to six core boxes may be mounted in the 30” wide oven plate area. Boxes 5”, 7 ½”, 10” and 15” wide, 8” or 10” high, 6” across the parting line, may be used in 24 different arrangements. A simple cam lock permits easy installation or replacement of core boxes to meet any production requirement. Alloyed cast-iron box blanks, machined and ground to the above dimensions are available. Matching pin ejectors and blow plates are also available.

The Shalco Models SCB-9 / SCB-10 produce a completely automatic, continuous flow of shell cores, automatically ejected onto a belt conveyor and can make many cores of different designs, simultaneously.

The optional Automatic Blow off and Spray Unit automatically cleans the core box by means of compressed air and will dispense a silicone release agent onto the parting surface of the core box.



HEATER PLATE CAPACITY: Gas Model Two (2) mounting areas, 10" x 15" (max.) (254mm x 381mm)
CONVEYOR WIDTH:12" (304mm)
CORE BOX WEIGHT (MAXIMUM):Moveable side 240 lbs. (109 Kg)Stationary side 240 lbs. (109 Kg)
CORE BOX DEPTH (MAXIMUM):(Across parting line)Gas Model 6" (152mm)
SAND MAGAZINE BLOW AREA:2" X 14" (51mm x 356mm)
COMPRESSED AIR (Per ANSI/CGA G7.1 Specifications-1989):Minimum pressure at machine 80 PSI (5.52 Bars)Consumption 17.5 SCF/cycle (add 6.6 SCF/cycle if equipped with blow-off and spray)Consumption (gas combustion system) 555 CFH Approximately
WATER:Maximum pressure 25 PSI (1.70 atmospheres), approximate consumption 1 GPM (3.78 liters/m)
GAS:(Natural gas at 1,000 BTU/Cu. Ft.)Pressure at machine 8 oz./sq. in. (0.034 Bars)Average consumption 160 CFH (4 CMPH)
ELECTRICAL:Standard voltage 230/460 volt, 3 ph., 60 HzAverage power required (machine only) 1.3 kW
NET WEIGHT:5,000 lbs. (2,270 Kg)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The consumption figures are based on a standard machine with normal options.

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