Sinto America in the Shot Blasting Industry

Grand Ledge, MI 1/16/2020-

Reconditioning of component parts is big business and good for the environment across all industries. “Due to the very high volumes and extremely inconsistent levels of contamination, this process is one of the most challenging for the metal cleaning industry. Combined with a highly competitive marketplace, only the most robust equipment utilizing the most advanced technology should be considered when choosing a shot blast equipment supplier.” –Fritz Esslair, Regional Sales Manager.

That is why the largest suppliers in the aftermarket industry choose Sinto for their abrasive blast cleaning. Sinto is the market leader in Centrifugal wheel blast equipment, with the most diverse range of equipment and capacities.

For large batch processing, Sinto’s drum blast is the industry’s first choice. Sinto’s one piece drum design guarantees unmatched performance and the highest wear resistance in the industry. Combined with a unique rocking action, the productivity is frequently twice that of the other manufactures machines.

If you have large parts that cannot be processed in batch systems, Sinto offers a full line of spinner hanger style machines. Capacities start at 2000 lbs. with a 125 cubic ft. of working capacity, a pit-less design and four standard methods of conveyance, the Sinto line of spinner hangers can accommodate the largest parts at the highest levels of productivity.

For smaller parts and lower volumes, depend on Sinto’s line of table blast equipment. The SNTX series is the only table blast design that incorporates a three position indexing table, providing multiple projection angles which greatly reduces or eliminates the need for part re-positioning. The one-of-a-kind, minimum leak design and advanced programming make it the safest, most versatile table blast in the industry.

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