Sinto Smart Foundry Integration Coming to Purdue University

Sinto America and Purdue University have finalized plans for integrating a Smart Foundry for Purdue’s “Smart Manufacturing” curriculum.   The Smart Foundry classroom consisting of a fully functioning, production capable, greensand foundry will be located on the ground level of the new “Gateway” building in the heart Purdue’s campus in West Lafayette, IN.   This Smart Foundry will be a standalone metals processing laboratory fully integrated with the Sinto Smart Foundry solutions. Allowing the students to be fully immersed in the greensand foundry utilizing the latest data collection and remote monitoring technology that Sinto Smart Foundry has to offer.

Sinto Smart Foundry Purdue

Purdue’s $2.8 million dollar investment in the foundry will change the landscape of foundry education by providing students the practical application of a real foundry setting.  The design of the foundry allows students to make molds utilizing a Sinto FDNX automatic molding machine.  Supporting the molding operation will be a complete sand system loop, a melting department with three furnaces, even a robotic pouring integrated with one of the furnace locations.  Additionally there will be a manual mold handling line with a vibratory shaker deck.

The design of the Smart Foundry laboratory classroom has been a collaboration of the Purdue facility and staff, the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) along with Sinto’s Foundry Design and Engineering department.

“We are Proud to be a part of this project.  Our goal is to provide the next generation of foundry engineers the technology that they will be using in a real world application. Industry 4.0 will be a reality in this revolutionary classroom setting. I am excited for this next generation to make an impact the foundry industry.” –Andy Schelke, VP Sinto America.

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