FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine

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The FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine is designed as the first step from switching from manual molding to automatic molding without compromising quality. This compact design allows a foundry to replace their existing manual molding line within one day.  The design of the FDNX does not require a pit. The FDNX molding machine installation is a simple process of connecting to a 110-volt power supply and system air pressure of 80- psi. The FDNX utilizes an Air over Oil compressed air system instead of the traditional hydraulic system.  The Air over Oil system allows the FDNX’s cylinders to generate smooth, hesitation free and consistent movement without the use of hydraulic system and pump.   Aeration technology is the key design that allows for exceptional molds making. Patterns that have deep pockets and minimal draft become less challenging with Aeration technology.  There is nothing on the market today like the FDNX!


  • Accommodates any 16″ x 20″ pattern or smaller with adapter
  • Average Maximum Mold rate of 90 molds/hour
  • Ideal for switching from manual molding to automatic molding
  • Aeration Sand Filling Technology for producing high quality castings
  • Ready to use by connecting power, compressed air, and sand supply
  • Low Noise and Energy
  • Replace multiple jolt squeezers!


When the air valve is shifted, air flows down one airline to the air/oil tank that line is connected to.

The compressed air first fills the empty space in the top of the air / oil pressure tank, and then, as air pressure builds, exerts force on the oil in that tank.

That oil then flows through the line to the cylinder port, causing the cylinder rod or carriage to extend or retract depending on which port it flows to.

The flow controls, one installed on each of the cylinder lines, will operate by restricting the flow of oil out of the cylinder, thereby dampening the flow of the oil resulting in a smooth, consistent stroking of the cylinder rod.

When the air valve is shifted in the other direction, the air flows down the other valve line to the other air / oil tank, and the cycle repeats.

Each time the valve shifts, the oil being driven into the cylinder from one tank pushes the cylinder piston towards the other end of the cylinder, and that piston drives the oil on the other side back up the line to the other air / oil tank.

A properly installed air over oil system as described will provide the cylinder stroke speed and consistency that you desire for your application.

View the Mold Handling Line made specifically for the FDNX.


FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine

Specifications Model
Mold sizeWidth x Length 16" x 20"
(406 mm x 508 mm)
Height (mm)Cope: 7" (178 mm)
Drag: 7" (178 mm)
Average Maximum Molding Rate (excluding core set) 90 molds/hour
(40 seconds/mold)
Weight of the mold (Min-Max)238 lbs. (108 kg)


  • – Chaplet Set
  • – Air Tank & Hopper/Feed System
  • – Pattern Adapter Plate
  • – Non-standard Sprue Pins
  • Sinto Foundry Analytics 

Simple Sand Treatment System

Manual Roller Line:

Automatic Line (with pusher/cushion cylinders):


Sinto’s FDNX Flaskless Molding System:

Sinto’s FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine:

ePVS Sinto Analytics on FDNX Cast Expo 2019:

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