EFA Series

The EFA Series, is highly automated, high speed, and flexible Tight Flask Molding line.

EFA utilizes the SEIATSU Air-Flow Sand Filling Technology for producing larger molds with high density and uniform hardness.

FEATURES: Fully automatic, high speed molding machine with pattern turntable/shuttle for producing cope and drag molds Average maximum mold rate of 140 molds/hour Air-flow technology allows for consistent production of highly dimensional & accurate castings Excellent pattern draw through a leveling frame Flask handling controlled by hydraulic cylinder on roller conveyors

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ACE Series

ACE Series, compact Tight Flask Molding Machine offers the next level casting production with its’ innovative technology using Aeration Sand Filling.

FEATURES: Aeration Sand filling technology and adjustable zone squeeze pressure technology achieves uniformly dense molds & dimensional precise castings Average maximum mold rate of 150 molds/hour with single station or 240 molds/hour with twin type station Spill sand is eliminated and cut-off sand is minimized allowing for lower sand preparation requirements Excellent pattern draw by leveling frame Simple design allows for ease of maintenance and low energy consumption Compact size for reduced installation space

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