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Sinto America group congratulates Wil Tinker, of Tinker Omega Sinto, for receiving the 2018 E.J. Walsh Award

On behalf of Sinto America Group, we congratulate Wil Tinker, of Tinker Omega Sinto, recipient of the 2018 E.J. Walsh Award, the highest honor given by the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF). Each year, the award is given to one person who represents outstanding service and support to FEF’s mission and goals.… Read more >

Roberts Sinto offers Foundry Analytics Service through new Distribution Partnership

Roberts Sinto Corporation announces their new diagnostic analysis service, for the foundry industry, through a distribution partnership with Beet Analytics Technology (located in Plymouth, Michigan.)

Roberts Sinto now offers real time analysis through their Sinto Foundry Analytics service to accelerate problem solving and preventative maintenance in the manufacturing operations using Beet’s technology.… Read more >

Latest Testimonial from Cast Products on their Sinto’s Mold Handling System

In the 3 years since installation of Sinto’s Mold Handling System to accompany their Sinto FBO Flaskless Molding Machine, Cast Products, Inc., located in Athens, Alabama, has seen dramatic improvement in their operations. They no longer have extended lead times on ordes and able to run their operations on time and expedited without losing quality of their products.… Read more >

Organizational Announcement: Vice President of Operations at Roberts Sinto

Mike Hennessey, formerly from Webasto Group based in Detroit region, has been hired as the Vice President of Operations for Roberts Sinto Corporation. Mike has experience in all aspects of Operations which include responsibilities in manufacturing, quality, supply chain management, purchasing, distribution, and customer service as well as engineering and project management.… Read more >

2018’s AFS Wisconsin Regional

Sinto group companies participated this year once again at the AFS Wisconsin Regional held in Milwaukee, WI. The show was a success and we are glad to be a part of a wonderful organization.  Thanks all who came to visit our booth and we’ll see you at next years event! … Read more >

Sintokogio, Ltd. acquires majority shares of Omega Foundry of U.K.

Sintokogio, LTD., parent company of the Sinto America group companies of North America, located in Nagoya, Japan, has acquired majority shares in Omega Foundry headquartered in Peterborough, United Kingdom.

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd., is a top manufacturer of no-bake foundry equipment with subsidiaries in the United States, India, South Africa, Malaysia, and other countries.… Read more >

Articulos Metalicos de Cadereyta, S.A. de C.V. discusses the benefits of using Sinto Flaskless Molding Equipment in their facility

From food processing to automobile manufacturing, they produce many kinds of castings.

Located in Cadereyta Jiménez, N.L., Mexico, Articulos Metalicos de Cadereyta, S.A. de C.V. Foundry (AMC Foundry) was founded in 1973 by Eliud Gutierrez and Arturo Garza. Putting in sixteen-hour workdays and paying close attention to customer needs, the company was able to double its production every two years.… Read more >

Sinto receives Grant to Fund Continued Training

Sinto has received a grant this year to Roberts Sinto and SandMold Systems companies to help fund training. The Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) through the Michigan Talent Investment Agency, awards grants to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current employees and individuals to be hired.… Read more >

Roberts Sinto hosted Manufacturing Day at Grand Ledge Plant

Roberts Sinto Corporation participated in the 2017’s Manufacturing Day and invited Grand Ledge High School students to take a tour of our Manufacturing plant. They were able to see how our day-to-day activities are at the plant and what we do to run as efficiently as we do to get our equipment and products out to our customers on time and with the best quality standards.… Read more >

Sinto America Group Companies announces new Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Sinto America, Inc. Group Companies announced Michael Halsband has been appointed the companies’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer effective September 11, 2017.

Halsband has extensive experience in engineering, project and program management, purchasing and supply chain management, sales management, organization development and systems integration in technological advanced companies.… Read more >