FDNX Series

The FDNX Series is designed as the first step from switching from manual to automatic molding without compromising any quality. There is nothing on the market today like the FDNX!


  • Accommodates any 16″ x 20″ pattern or smaller with adapter
  • Average Maximum Mold rate of 90 molds/hour
  • Ideal for switching from manual molding to automatic molding
  • Aeration Sand Filling Technology for producing high quality castings
  • Ready to use by connecting power, compressed air, and sand supply
  • Low Noise and Energy


FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine

Specifications Model
Mold sizeWidth x Length 16" x 20"
(406 mm x 508 mm)
Height (mm)Cope: 7" (178 mm)
Drag: 7" (178 mm)
Average Maximum Molding Rate (excluding core set) 90 molds/hour
(40 seconds/mold)
Weight of the mold (Min-Max)238 lbs. (108 kg)


  • – Chaplet Set
  • – Air Tank & Hopper/Feed System
  • – Pattern Adapter Plate
  • – Non-standard Sprue Pins
  • Sinto Foundry Analytics 

Simple Sand Treatment System

Manual Roller Line:

Automatic Line (with pusher/cushion cylinders):



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