Redefining Automatic Molding Machinery

January 12, 2022

Jan. 2022, Andy Schelke

The first flaskless automatic molding machine to reach production speeds of 200 molds per hour, is addressing foundries’ high-capacity, labor and downtime challenges. 

Today’s metal-casters face all-time-high capacity demands and existing technologies are not up to the challenge. There simply are not enough hours in a shift to produce what customers expect. Sinto understands this an­d is rising to the challenge with the new FCMX automatic 1nolding machine. This is the first flaskless automatic molding ma­chine to reach production speeds of 200 molds per hour, making it the fastest flaskless machine now available.

Not only will the FCMX machine run at 200 mph but it will allow for 9 seconds of core set-time in the production sequence. The core-set during the machine cycle time is achieved by the action for a flask rotation mechanism, allowing the FCMX to compact the mold during the core-set cycle.

The machine design includes a station for molding as well as a station for operator interface for core-set. The increased speed equates to increased production capacity for foundries’ molding departments.

FCMX Molding MachineThe FCMX is designed as a high-speed system with two or four stations for production, and capable of accommodating multiple pattern sizes. The process is integrated with Sinto Smart Foundry digital package, which allows metalcasting operators to integrate all production systems into a single enterprise solution.

Sinto offers decades of horizontal molding experience to investigate and overcome the foundry capacity challenge – the FCMX can product up to 200 molds/hour, with core-set – and it has invested significant amounts of time and resources to perfect the new machine, with 183 units now operating worldwide.


The FCMX is capable of producing superior quality molds by applying aeration sand filling technology, along with a uniquely designed center-gravity support for the flasks. This allows for smooth separation during the pattern draw. In addition, aeration allows for consistent, evenly filled flasks, so it will provide sand to areas that may not get adequate fill on conventional machines.

FCMX also has a compact design that allows foundries to experience the speed and capability of this superior machine without taking up valuable floor space. The compact design provides foundries the ability to add multiple lines in an area that typically would be dedicated to a much larger system.

In designing the FCMX, Sinto has accounted for foundries’ existing patterns; it’s possibly to transfer existing patterns from other flaskless style machines, and the FCMX pattern shuttle accommodates all other styles of Sinto molding equipment. With a simple pattern-adapter plate the FCMX can run competitor’s pattern plates, too. The FCMX has a squeeze counterbalance hydraulic circuit that will allow customers to use patterns that typically would not be run on an automatic molding machine

The FCMX also offers the option of an automatic pattern changer. This will give customers the ability to stage a pattern in the auto-changer, and when activated by the operator the automatic pattern changer will initiate the pattern change within the cycle of the machine. The change will happen within the current cycle time of the molding operation, essentially removing the downtime of pattern change.


The FCMX technology differs from our previous models of molding machines; however, many of the spare parts are uniform throughout the entire Sinto line-up, reducing the number of parts that need to be stocked. Sinto understands the need for spare parts and has dedicated stock in teh warehouse, and most of these are supplied domestically.

With the Sinto Smart Foundry package, every movement of the FCMX can be monitored and recorded. And this can be achieved locally with the use of a terminal; but even better, the information that is monitored is cloud-based so customers have the flexibility to monitor from a mobile device. As an option, the Sinto service team can provide optional remote support, too, through remove monitoring or on-demand service support. We also will provide scheduled customized reports as foundries require.

The FCMX is an industry-defining machine, addressing the many capacity, labor and downtime challenges that foundries face. Sinto’s approach to technology is to provided customers with the help they deserve and this technology developed from customers’ requests and feedback they have provided.

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