Surface Treatment

Product Description

Aluminum Cut Wire

BB Tumble Blast

6BB Tumble Blast Machine 

Blast Clean Grade Carbon Steel Cut Wire

Carbon Steel Cut Wire for Shot Blasting

CNDR Drum Blast

Large, oscillating drum

CNDX Drum Blast

Small, oscillating drum blast machine

DD-3 Drum Blast

3 cu. ft. drum blast machine specifically designed to process small parts found in multiple industries. 

DZB Dual-Chamber Satellite

Aluminum hanger

Engine Block Cleaning

Block Cleaning System

Gritinox Stainless

High Durability (HD) Cut Wire Shot

Introducing the newest technology to reduce shot-peening media consumption and dust generation. 

High-Nickel Stainless Shot (Sperinox-AC)

Blast cleaning, deburring, surface improvement, surface finishing

KSB Spinner Hanger

Monorail, loop or Y-track hanger

KSB-10 Spinner Hanger System

Low-Nickel Stainless Shot (Sperinox-CR)


OXGRIT is an engineered blasting abrasive products designed to outperform existing abrasives. 

Pass Through Systems

Peening Grade Carbon Steel Cut Wire

Carbon Steel Cut Wire for Shot Peening

Plastic De-flashing Media


Cast shot and cut-wire blend in proprietary ratio

SHBX Spinner Hanger

Small, spinner hanger

Shot Blast Machine: Drum Blast CNDR-22

Sightia Surface Evaluation

SMXI Wire Rod

Wire Rod machine fitted with a shot quantity adjustment system that optimizes the shot quantity according to the steel or scale type

SNC Wire Rod

wire Rod machine that is furnished with ideal arrangement of impellers for efficient shot blasting treatment as well as with ingenious roller system

SNTX Table Blast

Small, table blast machine

Spherinox & Spherinox-CR

Spinner Hanger System: DZB

SST Automation

Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Structural Blast- SCRA

Structural machine with full production capabilities

SUA Rocker Barrel

Rocker Barrel (Shaker blast) with continuous blasting to minimize downtime

WE-3 Air Wash Separator System

WMB Wire Mesh Belt

Wire mesh belt

Y-30 Direct Drive Blast Wheel

Zinc Alloy Cut Wire

Zinc Cut Wire