Surface Treatment

Product Description

Aluminum Cut Wire

Blast Clean Grade Carbon Steel Cut Wire

Carbon Steel Cut Wire for Shot Blasting

DB-3 Drum Blast

3 cu. ft. drum blast machine specifically designed to process small parts found in multiple industries. 

Drum Blast – CNDR shot blasting machine

Large, oscillating drum

Drum Blast- CNDX

Small, oscillating drum blast machine

Dual-Chamber Satellite- DZB

Aluminum hanger

Engine Block Cleaning

Block Cleaning System

Gritinox Stainless

High Durability (HD) Cut Wire Shot

Introducing the newest technology to reduce shot-peening media consumption and dust generation. 

High-Nickel Stainless Shot (Sperinox-AC)

Blast cleaning, deburring, surface improvement, surface finishing

KSB-10 Spinner Hanger System

Low-Nickel Stainless Shot (Sperinox-CR)


Frohn Oxgrit is engineered blasting abrasive products designed to outperform existing abrasives. 

Pass Through Systems

Peening Grade Carbon Steel Cut Wire

Carbon Steel Cut Wire for Shot Peening

Plastic De-flashing Media


Cast shot and cut-wire blend in proprietary ratio

Robotic Peening Machine

The Sinto Robotic Penning Machine is a 7-axis robotic pressure-blast shot peening system in which a 6-axis robot is placed inside the blast cabinet as a blast nozzle manipulator. The cabinet also includes a 24” diameter rotary indexing table which can be controlled as a 7th axis of robotic motion. The turntable has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 lb. The cabinet interior walls and door are lined with ¼” Neoprene rubber to prevent abrasive wear. The rotary turntable is indexed with a cylinder that extends and retracts too allow two positions repeatable positions, load/unload position and working position. With the cylinder extended the turntable is easily loaded and unload either manually or by an overhead crane. When running the machine the cylinder must be in its working/retracted position. During the shot peening cycle, the indexing table and robot nozzle manipulator are synchronized to precisely replicate the programmed tool path and maintain the correct nozzle position at the required surface speed. The media delivery system stores the media in ASME certified pressure vessels. It is designed as a dual pressure pot system to allow uninterrupted media flow. The operation is described in detail in the next section (Media Delivery System). The machine has two sets of upper & lower pressure pots for dual media use. When the blast sequence starts, the bottom pressure pot fills with compressed air thus forcing out the media through a Magnavalve before mixing with compressed air from a pusher line to meter the media flow. The pusher line also has an orifice that only allows a specific amount of air to the nozzle. This dictates the air to media ratio to the nozzle. After the media leaves the nozzle, it’s gravity falls into the hopper system below the floor grating. The hoppers are connected to a urethane pipe under the machine that is under a vacuum. This vacuum is generated by the dust collector fan and can be controlled by the fan damper. The media is conveyed pneumatically via the urethane ducting. The airstream with media then goes into a cyclone separator where the media is separated from the airstream and flows down to a media classifier. The classifier further screens the media to the required size and then deposits the good media into the pressure vessel system while automatically discharging the waste into a waste barrel. The dust collector that powers the pneumatic conveying system is a standard horizontal cartridge type equipped with a Magnahelic gauge and pulse system to clean filter cartridges. The dust from the filter cartridges falls into a drum under the collector when pulsed.

Rocker Barrel- SUA

Rocker Barrel (Shaker blast) with continuous blasting to minimize downtime

Rubber Belt – BTX

Rubber Belt Blast Machine

Shot Blast Machine: Drum Blast CNDR-22

Sightia Surface Evaluation

Spherinox & Spherinox-CR

Spinner Hanger System: DZB

Spinner Hanger- KSB

Monorail, loop or Y-track hanger

Spinner Hanger- SHBX

Small, spinner hanger

SST Automation

Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Structural Blast- SCRA

Structural machine with full production capabilities

Table Blast- SNTX

Small, table blast machine

Tumble Blast

6BB Tumble Blast Machine 

WE-3 Air Wash Separator System

Wire Mesh Belt- WMB

Wire mesh belt

Wire Rod- SNC

wire Rod machine that is furnished with ideal arrangement of impellers for efficient shot blasting treatment as well as with ingenious roller system

Wire Rod-SMXI

Wire Rod machine fitted with a shot quantity adjustment system that optimizes the shot quantity according to the steel or scale type

Y-30 Direct Drive Blast Wheel

Zinc Alloy Cut Wire

Zinc Cut Wire