Roberts Sinto Corporation

Roberts Sinto Corporation is the North American group company of Sintokogio Ltd., a worldwide family of companies with an international reputation for excellence in the metal casting industry. Celebrating 50 years this year, the company began as an engineering firm with an emphasis on equipment for the foundry industry. As the industries we serve have evolved, we have developed and refined our capabilities and are now able to offer clients a broad range of services and equipment. Our diverse domestic experience, supported by fast and direct channels to worldwide technological advances, enables our customers to draw upon vast global resources for solutions to their manufacturing needs.

Roberts Sinto has long strived to be a leader in the design and manufacture of foundry equipment as well as project management for complete foundry projects. Equipment ranges from simple mold and core machines to complex handling systems including green sand and No-bake sand preparation and reclamation.

Equipment Include:

  • Flaskless Molding Machines- FBOX, FCMX, FBO, FDNX,FBN, FBM, Automatic Core Setters
  • “Seiatsu” Tight Flask Molding Lines- ACE, APK, DAFM, and HSP
  • Flaskless and Tight Flask Mold Handling Systems
  • Shalco Shell and Cold Box Core Machines
  • Automatic Pouring Systems for Lip and Stopper Rod Pouring
  • Barinder Automatic Grinding Machines
  • Robotics
  • Integrated Control Systems
  • Surface Treatment Products and Parts

For more information on Roberts Sinto’s equipment and capabiltiies, please visit or email: