Blasting Machines

Sinto offers innovative, top-class surface treatment blasting machines to meet the various needs of customers and industries all over the globe. Sinto is the world market leader in the development and implementation of world-class, machine tool quality surface finishing systems. Sinto Surface Treatment is well positioned to provide the optimum solution to your finishing challenges. Sinto offers a comprehensiveness line of shot blasting machines and surface treatment systems to fit any application, from centrifugal wheel systems, pneumatic blast systems to vibratory mass finishing systems and automated brush systems. We can provide you with what you need, from standard to custom, simple or complex, or a single piece of equipment to a full system- that’s the Sinto Difference. Sinto is your one-stop solution.  

Product Description Capacity Wheel Size Loading Weight

CNDR Drum Blast

Large, oscillating drum 14-35 ft³ /load 40-75 hp 1750-7500 lb/load

Engine Block Cleaning

Block Cleaning System

KSB Spinner Hanger

Monorail, loop or Y-track hanger

SNTX Table Blast

Small, table blast machine

WMB Wire Mesh Belt

Wire mesh belt