CastExpo 2022 Preview

Sinto America will be exhibiting at CastExpo 2022, North America’s largest metalcasting trade show and industry event. The expo will run from April 23-26, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Ohio. Sinto will be featuring the latest in Sinto Smart Foundry and foundry automation. In the 40’ x 50’ booth, Sinto will have a FDNX flaskless molding machine, a 455 BARINDER® Grinder, DST-II Digital Sand Tester and a model remote monitoring center for Sinto Smart Foundry. There will also be a spot featuring surface treatment and cut wire abrasives.

Sinto Smart Foundry

Sinto Smart Foundry (SSF), a truly scalable solution, can grow with you on your data analytics journey. It offers a toolbox of products and services that can help achieve improvements in these four major areas: Maintenance, Quality, Production, and Planning. From capturing simple cycle counts to tracking every movement in your plant, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs, team, and budget.

Sinto is planning on having ePVS, live industry 4.0 analytics software, running on the molding machine and Barinder, as well as a model remote monitoring center. The Remote Monitoring Center service is an extension of your maintenance and operations teams. Sinto has a team of experienced foundry professionals who are monitoring customer equipment at the corporate office. Let RSC Service Technicians keep an eye on your equipment with the data that is collected through Sinto Smart Foundry. This ensures your foundry runs at peak performance.

At CastExpo 2022, Jim Wenson, Sinto Smart Foundry Product Manager, will also be doing a presentation on smart foundries titled “Easing the Labor Crunch through Industry 4.0”.

Automated Grinding

With foundries’ high-capacity, labor, and downtime challenges, now more than ever is the time to automate your foundry. Sinto will have the industry leading automatic grinding machine on display, the BARINDER® Grinder.

In previous years, Sinto had sold smaller systems such as the BARINDER® model X7i-FDH22R-455GR-C; however, larger BARINDER® models were in high demand in 2021 and through 2022.  These models include the BARINDER® X7i-FDH22R-58HFGR-C and X7i-FDH22R-514HFGR-C, which can handle heavier castings with a maximum payload of 705 Lbs. (320Kg).

Automated Molding

As well as displaying automated grinding, Sinto will be featuring their FDNX automated molding machine, which is one of many machines Sinto offers in this product line. The FDNX flaskless molding machine is a great solution to jump from manual molding to automated molding.

Although, not being on display, Sinto will feature the FCMX molding machine which is the first flaskless automatic molding machine to reach production speeds of 200 molds per hour.

In Line Sand Testing

Sinto will be featuring their DST-II in-line digital sand testing unit at the show. This machine features self-calibration function and repeatable accurate readings. The DST-II can be interfaced with the muller controls to adjust for variability between muller and mold machine. A load cell is used to conform test sample height which eliminates variance introduced by manually sampling, resulting in highly accurate results. Also, measurement data can be exported via USB allowing for easy data transfer for your quality database.

Accurate greensand testing provides foundries with immediate ROI for a small investment.  The DST-II is a solution that can be implemented into a foundry at a reasonable cost. The return on investment for DST-II can be calculated by the signification reduction in scrap due to sand defects. Thus eliminating the need to scrap molds due to sand inefficiency.