Sinto’s Unique and Proprietary Air Wash Separator for Blast Machines

A critical but often overlooked part of anyone’s blast machine operation is the air wash separator- responsible for maintaining the proper work mix inside the machine. Failure to maintain the air wash leads to premature wear of the blast wheel components, which leads to increase maintenance cost as well as a decrease in the blast machine’s efficiency.

“Standard air-wash separators can be difficult to maintain and require climbing to the top of an elevator daily to review. Because of this, maintenance is often over looked. This is increasingly troublesome in the foundry industry where large amounts of sand can be left behind from the casting process.  Sand is the number one leader to decreasing the life of the blast wheel and its components, which are critical to maintaining the blast pattern within the blasting chamber.”- Scott Miller, Regional Sales Manager.

Sinto’s unique and proprietary air wash separator, the WE3, can remove 99.7% of the sand load before it ever enters the blast wheel, saving thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs alone. Sinto utilizes a unique down flow air wash technology which has proven to be a highly more efficient way to remove sand and other contaminates from the working mix. Also, the air wash is located at floor level which makes it easily accessible for maintenance.\

Partner Sinto’s air wash with the unique CNDR drum blast machine which eliminates many wearable parts inside the blast machine. No more barrel head seals, links or pins to maintain. Sinto also utilizes a one piece manganese drum that has proven to be a workhorse in the foundry industry.

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